The age in which we live is marked by great changes that come with social advancement and complexities. It brings to us diversity in personal value judgments, human activities and the living environment. As the time changes, so does the types of disaster that can affect us all, making it all the more necessary that new aspects to the fire protection systems be explored. This means that new technology for forecasting disaster and coming up with counter measures to deal with them has to come into place. As it strives towards its goal of creating a more comfortable environment, Capenorth Fire makes an effort of maintaining high quality standards in the advancement of intelligent fire protection systems for the next generation. Capenorth Fire (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly owned in Zimbabwe registered company. It was established in July 2001.We have professionals in fire extinguishers and electronics engineering with vast experience.


Capenorth Fire has a vision of becoming the leading indigenous owned Fire and Electronic Engineering Company in Zimbabwe. We produce high quality results within the stipulated time using the latest technology, which cannot be compromisedby radio frequency [wireless] devices. Capenorth Fire undertakes standard in electronic engineering mechanical extinguisher. We sustain the company through the development, transfer and retention of skill in our force whilst maximizing employee involvement. To provide a caring working environment that fosters teamwork and cooperation, we value all efforts made for the accomplishmentof our goal and provide a sense of belonging at all times to our clients, customers and staff.


To produce high quality results within the stipulated time using the latest technology.


A caring working environment cooperation hardwork completion of all projects.


We are proud members of the following institutions:

  • Standard Association of Zimbabwe
  • Fire Brigade
  • Fire Prevention Inspection Bureau