Valves are pipe fittings that help to regulate, direct or control the flow of fire suppressing agents by opening, closing or partially obstructing passageways in the hose connectors. Non-return valves stop the fire suppressing agent from flowing in the wrong direction.

Hydrant Valves

Capenorth Fires fire hydrant valves are made from the finest materials in the industry. With the hose attached to the fire hydrant, the valve can be opened to provide a powerful flow of water to extinguish a fire.

FeaturesRight Angle 80mm BrassRight Angle, tamper proof
80mm Brass
Right Angle 80mm
Cast Iron & Adaptor
Upward Oblique
80mm Brass
50mm Marine
Upward Oblique Brass
Opening mechanismHandwheelTamper Proof KeyHandwheelHandwheelHandwheel
Inlet thread80mm male 3"BSP80mm male 3"BSP80mm male 3"BSP80mm male 3"BSP2"BSP (M)
Outlet type65mm (F) Instantaneous65mm (F) Instantaneous250mm65mm (F) Instantaneous2"BSP (M)
Height242mm274mm4.1kg valve
0.56kg adaptor
Weight4.72kg4.22kg 5.4kg1.5kg
Working pressure16bar16bar16bar16bar16bar
MaterialBrassBrassCast IronBrassBrass
Upward Oblique